What is Qur’an

You know the Quran as a holy scripture, something that Muslims revere so much. But have you ever thought what’s in it?

The Holy Quran is a word of God Almighty, the same God who blessed us with the Holy Bible. So, Quran can be called an updated version of the Bible, since the author is the same. That’s true. The Quran is a successor of the Bible, just as the Bible is the successor of the Old Testament. Really?

Yes. God Almighty sent humans to dwell in this world and made this world a test. He didn’t forget after sending us here, He did send divine guidance through his selected people called Prophets so that we come to know how to live life according to His wish, i.e. the dos and don’ts.

Moses was given the Old Testament, David was blessed with the Psalms, the penultimate Prophet, Jesus the New Testament or the Gospel (Holy Bible) and the last prophet, Mohammed was given the Quran.

Quran is a divine revelation sent to Prophet Mohammed through angel Gabriel. The Quran was revealed in a span of 23 years, from time to time, as the circumstances demanded. The first revelation came in 610 AD while the last revelation came in 632 AD. Quran is the book which answers the eternal questions which prick human mind: Who am I?  From where have I come? Where will I head to? What is the purpose of my life? It is a book that describes God’s entire plan of creation, purpose with which God created the human race, it elaborates the way man should lead his life here and more importantly it guides man towards understanding God.

Quran is the book of blessings, a book that enlists in detail what is in store for him in the life-after, so much so that a clear picture of paradise motivates and inspires him to keep doing good work. At the same time, it is a book of warnings that mentions the hardships in life-after if man does not follow the right path of God. While doing so, the Quran gives real life examples of the Prophets and their people by way of stories and conversations which a common man can relate to. In its unique style of lessons and wisdom, the Quran is the book that guides a man through his life’s journey. You should read it to believe it!

Anyone who reads Quran will be able to tell that there is something unique about the Quran. It is not like a regular book which has a certain flow and organised in contents. It consists of fragments of wisdom in a continuing story, of many intriguing questions to man like when it asks ‘How many blessings of God will you ignore?’, of anecdotes that remind man of a very powerful force that runs this universe, of stories of both good and bad people and their rewards and punishments and more importantly of constant hammering reminders of everlasting reward and punishment of the life-after.