God and His Attributes

An awe-inspiring glimpse of the mighty snow-clad Himalayas or the breath-taking views of the Niagara or a divine dive in the Andamans in a scuba suit have only one reaction – ‘Oh My God’!!  But have we ever given a moment of pause and ever wondered to ask ourselves what is God? What are his qualities? And the most basic one: How many Gods are there?

The fundamental attribute of God is that He is One and Only. He is unique and has no contemporary. He does not have a family. If God had a son, then why not a daughter? And then, whose son is God Himself? Are we going to worship a whole tribe?? No. He cannot be in plural. He is the One. All major religions are in agreement on this concept of God. Most religions agree on one divine power, which we refer to as God in various nomenclatures, nevertheless there is One power that is governing the universe.

He is the Beginning-less and the Endless. He is omnipresent, all-knowing, has infinite power and infinite capabilities. He doesn’t need to split his work to someone and compartmentalise for smooth functioning. Would He need a few dozen junior Gods’ assistance in operating this stuff He himself created? No. He is capable of doing it all alone.

He is the Creator and the Destroyer. All it takes for him to create anything is that he says ‘Be’ and it happens. He doesn’t need any help from a human or an angel. He is the Ultimate Planner and Designer. A scuba diving experience in the deep seas will reaffirm the fact that all varieties of fish we see there are not just by chance, there is Someone out there planning all this stuff. Who taught magical songs to the humpback whales (listen to audio here http://animals.nationalgeographic.co.in/animals/mammals/humpback-whale/) and who did plan the travel of birds like Albatross’ trip around the world? (http://news.nationalgeographic.co.in/news/2005/01/0113_050113_albatross_2.html) Is it just random or is there a grand plan of the Ultimate Designer?

He is Exceedingly Compassionate and Merciful. The subduer as well as authoritative and strict. He is the Ultimate Forgiver. His pardon encompasses all.

He doesn’t get tired nor does he need rest. Neither sleep nor fatigue comes in his way. Imagine God doing watches (or shifts)? He doesn’t get thirsty and hungry. Nor age is a concern for him. Imagine God has to worry about his own health or make-up or going to sleep?

He is Supreme. He is Most Beautiful. He is the Divine Light, an-Noor. There is no form factor defined for Him. He doesn’t come in all shapes and sizes we have perceived for Him. No man or woman can ever see him in all his might. Still we have got images and idols depicting God. Have we not limited the beauty of God Almighty? Is God only ‘so much’ beautiful? Or is He much more that what is perceived by an artist or sculptor?

He is Sole owner of everything we see around us. Else we would have witnessed divine fights over propriety issues every now and then!

He is the all-hearing and all-seeing.  He hears when you say it and even if you don’t say it. He is the Provider. Who do you think feeds the birds when they leave their nests empty stomach every morning?